Just found out the 1,000. laser jet pro I bought can’t accept the fine art papers I want to print on. I have spent 4-5 hours on phone with technical support to find this out. I made beautiful prints but then would say paper jam. Then, I would wait on line again about the paper jam. Finally a tech did some research. It can only handle 200GSM paper and my fine art papers were 260GSM. If only I had researched for the printer I needed beforehand. Things are no longer simple. For anything you buy you must spend so much time choosing the right thing. There are so many choices and so much specificity that is needed. I am a leaper not a researcher. I have been researching paper that is acid free and 200GSM. Found some but one can only buy online. The order got hung up with UPS. I wasted a whole morning of painting time. I recommend research for upper end purchases. I did find out the ideal printer but costs 2,000. 00 I no longer have. C’est la vie! Why do I always learn the hard way. Anyone have any ideas on the subject?

Appreciating ART

I bought my first real piece of art when I was 23 years old. It changed my life. It was an oil painting of weirdly wonderful trees. My whole living space was enlivened! It led me on a journey into music I had never heard and ultimately into painting myself. The alluring greens in the trees and the movement brought the outside in. I lived with the artist for 3 years and watched him paint everyday. He dragged me to every museum, gallery and art fair every where. I had always gone to museums but not the other. My love of art expanded, deepened and broadened. Later in my life some great pain was a catalyst that burst painting from me. Crises open up parts of you did not know you had.

Eventually I went to art school which was the singular most exciting event of my life. First I drew and painted on my own. Painting friends and hiring models to draw. I hired a teacher who was so good I asked her where she had gone to school because she was very young and such a terrific teacher. She told me she studied at California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. That is where I started taking a class a week for two years. Then I applied to their MFA program. I moved to a loft in San Leandro, an artists building. The cross pollination proved to be a lifelong stepping stone to more experimenting. Challenging yourself and being fearless moves your art as well as your life forward. Leap into the abyss. You will put money into a couch or a car but a real piece of art will benefit you in ways you cannot know.

First Friday at The Wal Artists Lofts is a place you can look, The Verge Center for The Arts Tour in September, too can be a beginning. We have beautiful museums full of art all over the Bay Area that you can access now that Covid is letting up. Travel the world and look hard! Looking is the first step to seeing.

9” by 12” print from Procreate

Joan Mitchell

We went to the Joan Mitchell Retrospective at the SF MoMa yesterday. It was like being in a cathedral. Her work so intuitive and spiritual. She paints the feeling of things not the thing itself! I totally resonated to what she said about how she felt free and in a hurry from being old. It was sad not to have seen a retrospective from before then.


Been printing my Procreate images on my Lazerjet Pro. They are coming out perfectly on fine art paper. This is much better than having them printed, so I can see how they look and change or discard for further printing. Like a proof. I start from my charcoal studies, photograph that, work on in Procreate and print.

9” by 12” on fine art paper
9” by 12” on fine art paper
9” by 12” on fine art paper

Are things really disappointing?

I know so many people who have lost parents and grandparents to COVID! For many people Christmas is a sad time, triggering old memories. I hope you are all OK and have someone to love. Merry Christmas!

In process. 48” by 60”

That is inches. LOL. Ordered a folding table for the upstairs so I can work on putting interleaving between my Charcoal drawings. They got smudgy in the move. Also I can do paintings on paper on it and fold it up if I am not using it. I don’t know why I did not think of it before! There is not really a work table in my studio, more of a shelf for supplies. Seems silly but I am so excited. I have been writing a piece about the amazing moments in my life. Will share when done.

Art is so energizing right now. Many projects going round in my head. Working on several at once. Meditation brings up so many images and ideas. Playing mixed Blues, moving, rocking, laughing. Talk again for New Years.

I need a Day!

Collaborating has been exciting , confusing and interruptive of my painting process. Opening my studio to the public four times since I moved in July exhausted me. Too little results for too much effort. I am back on track. Tom Stanton told me in 1983 that, “EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE WILL CONSPIRE TO TAKE YOU AWAY FROM YOUR ART”

A day to read poetry aloud; to listen to the music of Angels, to meditate on magic, to nap, write down all the things I forget when working and painting. A day to fill me up so there is energy to put out the fires of dread. A day to play! To laugh at stupid politically incorrect jokes. In private where no one will care. To flirt without recriminations or expectations. To be old school and to enjoy this iPad too.

William Blake never was known by more than a handful of friends. Only 40+ of his collected works were published and given to friends. There are 23 left and one sold for 73,000 pounds. Life is hard and then you die! It is also glorious! Maybe your work lives on.

Work in progress. 48 by 60“ and 72 by 72”

Beautiful clouds today! Lovely rain enheartens after all the fires and fear. Put out my tin Christmas tree with its weird flower ornaments and crooked top, a Charley Brown kind.

‘“HAPPY HOLIDAYS” to you all. Be patient and keep working. It will all come.