Not laboring today

Read DeanKoontz, in my bathrobe for hours, until 2:30 am. He always stirs up all ones beliefs and fears. You cannot put him down! Letting art gestate. Tired from making art all the time on top of working. It is luxurious to avoid the drive forward ever forward, to what? The Verge Center for the Arts Tour is next weekend. I am physically ready but it always takes a lot of emotional energy. I hope some of you come to The Wal Artist’s Lofts at 1108 R St., Sacramento.

I am painting over old oil paintings with R and F Pigment stick, collage papers from my Procreate images, and oil glazes. No money for new supports but I am enjoying this. Also doing very long drawings with charcoal, ink and some Acrylic paint.

No nonsense 24 by 72”
A day in the life of!? 24 by 72”
39 by 54” Roses are red
Print from Procreate on satin photo paper

Several lines of work going on at once include a hundred prints from Procreate on my HP Designjet Printer, 20 large mixed media paintings on cradled Birch with ColdWax and Oil, the above mentioned oils, small pieces 10 by 10” and 12 by 12”. I have also been exploring sculpture made of detritus, recycling into art. Was so pleased to run across “Burning Man”art this morning on my news feed. Gorgeous sculpture made from cast offs. This country makes so much trash and toxic waste. If we artist’s make art out of that trash maybe people will see their wasteful habits and curtail them. I want to make an installation illuminating this but maybe not needed since “Burning Man”.

Recycled packing materials

I am going to have a 50 to 70% off sale of small work during the Verge Tour next weekend. To obtain money to keep working

I hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing long weekend! I feel rejuvenated. Let me know what you did to relax! Let me know what you think?

Warped #25

I have been working in Procreate as no money for supplies right now. I take photos of all kinds of things, edit, import to Procreate and use the warp tool to blend many images I have created. It makes a completely new image that I print on my new Designjet HP printer. It is very exciting to see the prints that come out. I can make them very large as big as 24 by 72”. I will be doing that as soon as I can buy more ink and paper. I studied printmaking at Kala Institute in Berkeley in ‘82-‘83. A most fantastic experience although I made myself sick from the chemicals I was using. I had to go to Acupuncture treatments. A friend recommended I go to the Taoist Center in Oakland. They saved me. Now I have a way to print that is non-toxic, not as fun as etching but quite good.

Warped 25

Trying to load more from my photos and Procreate but it is not working. I have so many warped images I would like to show you. It is very frustrating when I cannot makes these devices work. The above is not my best one. It has been a long time since I have blogged. I have been isolating in my studio which all artist’s do from time to time. Working full-time and being an artist is very tiring especially when you get old. When I was 40 I could do it all but at 77 I cannot market. Takes all my energy just to keep making art. Save the 17th and 18th of September for the Verge Center for the Arts Tour at 1108 R St., #216. Come visit me and all the other artists at The Wal Artist’s Lofts. I would love to meet you. As soon as I can figure out how I used to upload my images I will posts more. Keep meditating!


Just found out the 1,000. laser jet pro I bought can’t accept the fine art papers I want to print on. I have spent 4-5 hours on phone with technical support to find this out. I made beautiful prints but then would say paper jam. Then, I would wait on line again about the paper jam. Finally a tech did some research. It can only handle 200GSM paper and my fine art papers were 260GSM. If only I had researched for the printer I needed beforehand. Things are no longer simple. For anything you buy you must spend so much time choosing the right thing. There are so many choices and so much specificity that is needed. I am a leaper not a researcher. I have been researching paper that is acid free and 200GSM. Found some but one can only buy online. The order got hung up with UPS. I wasted a whole morning of painting time. I recommend research for upper end purchases. I did find out the ideal printer but costs 2,000. 00 I no longer have. C’est la vie! Why do I always learn the hard way. Anyone have any ideas on the subject?

Appreciating ART

I bought my first real piece of art when I was 23 years old. It changed my life. It was an oil painting of weirdly wonderful trees. My whole living space was enlivened! It led me on a journey into music I had never heard and ultimately into painting myself. The alluring greens in the trees and the movement brought the outside in. I lived with the artist for 3 years and watched him paint everyday. He dragged me to every museum, gallery and art fair every where. I had always gone to museums but not the other. My love of art expanded, deepened and broadened. Later in my life some great pain was a catalyst that burst painting from me. Crises open up parts of you did not know you had.

Eventually I went to art school which was the singular most exciting event of my life. First I drew and painted on my own. Painting friends and hiring models to draw. I hired a teacher who was so good I asked her where she had gone to school because she was very young and such a terrific teacher. She told me she studied at California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. That is where I started taking a class a week for two years. Then I applied to their MFA program. I moved to a loft in San Leandro, an artists building. The cross pollination proved to be a lifelong stepping stone to more experimenting. Challenging yourself and being fearless moves your art as well as your life forward. Leap into the abyss. You will put money into a couch or a car but a real piece of art will benefit you in ways you cannot know.

First Friday at The Wal Artists Lofts is a place you can look, The Verge Center for The Arts Tour in September, too can be a beginning. We have beautiful museums full of art all over the Bay Area that you can access now that Covid is letting up. Travel the world and look hard! Looking is the first step to seeing.

9” by 12” print from Procreate